Vacation Photos … Dun Dun Duuuuuuunnnnnn

Mount Shasta

In March we were finally able to take all the kids on our first vacation. We planned it out, decided to stay in hotels instead of camping with all four our first time out, and overall it was a great trip. There were so many places we stopped that by the time we got home the beauty and grandeur that nature gives us was embedded in all those blossoming little minds. Blondie Cakes has decided that she wants to become a park ranger to teach everyone about animals and to help keep them safe. Ninja Princess says she will someday hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail since we were actually on it while we were out visiting Burney Falls and Subway Cave.

Near Subway Caves Entrance                      Subway Caves

Now that they are inspired by nature we want to keep those feelings and memories alive in them until we can go on a new adventure.

burney falls

A memory album seems like the best way to do that as they love books about themselves. My first step is to sort, edit and organize all the hundreds of photos     we took.

PCT sign

To save myself the mess and time of traditional scrap-booking or even ordering prints which I must then put back in order, label, and load into a photo album (after going to the store to find one) I have decided to try my hand at digital scrap-booking. I even decided to do it the easy way, I used Google+ to auto backup all my pictures to Picasa then started to sort the good ones out and put text directly on the photos as I edited them. I still have a ton of editing and organizing to do before I get to print but I’m very excited.

burney falls

After I finish each batch of photos I then upload directly from Picasa to Snapfish where I have an album I called “The Story Of Us ~ Volume 2 “.  I can create my photo book directly from this album and just have it sent to me. There is no photo mess at my house today and yet I still get the creative and motherly satisfaction of preserving the images of our first real vacation for my children to enjoy and relive every time they grab that book off the coffee table.


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